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Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Froggy

The following clip runs 25 minutes, so only watch it if you want to be carried back to the 50s for a half hour.

I'm too young to remember Andy's Gang, the kid's show with Andy Devine, but I watched an episode when it showed up on the TVNetworks channel on Miro. So that's where that phrase comes from!

Miro is a free video player that let's you download many 'channels', and you can have it download videos from YouTube or several other video-caching sites via torrent. You can have it search for keywords (I have it look for 'takarazuka' and 'movie trailers', or have it track a broadcaster (like 'tvnetworks' or 'cbctv'), and it can be set to automatically download them or display the video's information for you to decide whether or not to download. I'm sold on Miro.

Last Night

Once a week I stay up late and try to get some writing done. I did write a bit last night on a story about a man cursed to eternal wandering, but was seduced by the dark side of downloaded video. I watched two episodes of Security Police and one of Cutie Honey: The Live.

Security Police (aka SP) is a drama about the section of the Tokyo Police Department whose job it is to guard politicians (and occasionally others, like high profile witnesses). Okada Junichi, playing Inoue Kaoru, is by turns puckish and intense. (he was one of the voices in Ghibli's Earthsea) He has perception skills worthy of Sherlock Holmes, visually symbolized in the show by a camera spinning around him with odd color effects. Slightly cheesy, but enjoyable. In one episode he sees a car bomb... reflected in a pool of water... reflected again in a convex mirror... from a distance of thirty feet or more. Here's the first episode with subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Cutey Honey -- well, there's just no defense. This is an utter T&A henshin (transforming hero) show about a group of robot girls who cry "Honey Flash" and change costumes giving them various powers, as they fight the villainous Panther Claw. Pure eye candy. From the manga by Go Nagai.