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Posted on 2014.10.21 at 11:26
cleeseheadI'm now working at The University Book Store in Seattle. Guess who's coming to town? John Cleese! We got in this blowup of his head to promote the reading from his new book So, Anyway.... I couldn't resist.

Taking a Train Through Time

Posted on 2013.09.04 at 11:51
Kottke posted this mesmerizing video from the Beeb of a train trip from London to Brighton. Or, rather, three trips, from 1953, 1983, and 2013, run side by side by side.

Edit: hmm, can't seem to make the embed work right. Here's the link.

Stephen Fry chides the grammar police

Posted on 2013.07.23 at 16:30
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Douglas Smith links to the following video from Stephen Fry animated by Matthew Rogers. It's been around a few years, but may be as new to you as to me.

Fry was in Cold Comfort Farm, playing the pretentious, emotion-deaf poet Mybug. Stella Gibbons, who wrote the novel from which the movie was made, wrote 25 novels (plus four volumes of poetry). Amy and I read books aloud to each other, and our current read is Gibbons' Westwood, with a playwright who would be another perfect fit for Fry. Not that Gibbons writes 'types', but when she nails a character she uses ten-penny nails.

I woke up too soon.

Nice use of the word 'Catholic'

Posted on 2013.07.06 at 22:28
From The blog of Katherine Phelps:

No radio shows at the time would touch his [Tom Lehrer's] music. It was too controversial, covering subjects such as venereal disease. Nevertheless, he sold his records to other students on campus at cost and through Boston newsstands and record stores. Their popularity spread swiftly across the US and abroad through word of mouth. His big break came in the UK when Princess Margaret described her musical tastes as "catholic, ranging from Mozart to Tom Lehrer". At which time he started being played by BBC radio. Recently, his song "The Elements" was performed by Daniel Radcliffe on the Graham Northon Show.

The Congress

Posted on 2013.06.11 at 12:50
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This should be fun, a mixture of live action and animation.

Cartoon Brew says:
The opening film of last month’s the Director’s Fortnight sidebar at Cannes, The Congress is a loose adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s 1971 sci-fi novel The Futurological Congress, about an aging actress preserving her digital image for a future Hollywood. It stars Robin Wright, Jon Hamm, Paul Giamatti and Harvey Keitel.

Nixon, That No-Good SOB

Posted on 2013.03.21 at 08:56
Just when you thought your opinion of Tricky Dick couldn't get any lower, you find out he sabotaged the 1968 peace talks.

I don't know what to watch first

Posted on 2013.02.15 at 13:35
The entire Criterion collection at Hulu is free this weekend.


Posted on 2013.01.25 at 11:13
My buddy bedii (Bruce) clued me in to this artist. He often does multi-panel comic stories, but this single panel pisstake on Miyazaki tickled me. If you check his earlier work out, make sure you hover your mouse over them to read his comments.



Orycon Schedule

Posted on 2012.10.06 at 19:12
Here is my schedule for the upcoming Orycon. I always have a wonderful time there, not least because I get to make my annual pilgrimage to Powell's Books.

Edd Vick's Readings
Grant Fri Nov 2 9:00pm-9:30pm
Edd Vick

Running Petite Conventions
Madison Sat Nov 3 12:00pm-1:00pm
Advantages and pit falls from experienced, creative con runners.
Jerry Kaufman, Suzanne Tompkins, Tom Whitmore, Edd Vick

The best graphic novel you're not reading - titles that deserve a wider audience.
Hawthorne Sat Nov 3 2:00pm-3:00pm
Not just a litany of underrated work -- but rather, using these examples
to examine how a work comes to be underrated. Why are they overlooked?
What makes these worthy of greater attention?
Aaron Duran, Edd Vick, Scott Allie

How a writer's workshop affected my life
Hamilton Sat Nov 3 5:00pm-6:00pm
The pros and cons of attending writer's workshops. Can attendees be
productive and have fun at the same time or it is all work and no play? Do
online workshops count? What about workshops that break writers?
Annie Bellet, John C. Bunnell, Grá Linnaea, Edward Muller, Edd Vick

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