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New Story Posted: "Lacewing"

Posted on 2012.09.11 at 10:26
I've entered the Lascaux Flash competition with a story called "Lacewing". There are already 80 entries as I write this, so I suspect the competition will be fierce. I'd love comments on the story if you are into that sort of thing.

Sale: "No Man Left Behind"

Posted on 2012.07.11 at 16:23
I've sold a flash story set during the Vietnam War to zombie anthology A Quick Bite of Flesh.

Trivia: What do the people of Viet Nam call that conflict? A: "The American War"


My last official story for The Daily Cabal has been posted. We have been increasingly finding it difficult to fill five days a week, and even when we went to three days it's been tough. With a couple of notable exceptions, the writers have been posting stories at the last moment. Many of us have been wanting to spend time writing longer stories. Rudi Dornemann, our fearless leader and a fine writer, has decided our fourth anniversary is an appropriate place to call a halt.

This may not actually mean The Daily Cabal is done. We're keeping the site live with all the old stories accessible, and there's an option for any of us to post new stories. I know I have a few ideas....

Story Posted: "The Mantinai"

Posted on 2011.03.12 at 13:10
You may view The Mantinai differently, but I see nebulous praying-mantis-shapes flitting hither and yon in my latest story for the Daily Cabal.

Story Posted: "Love Gun"

Posted on 2011.02.23 at 09:19
Cupid ups his game in my latest story for The Daily Cabal.

Story Posted: "Senseless"

Posted on 2011.02.09 at 19:53
My latest story for The Daily Cabal came to me in a dream. It is by far one of the creepiest things I've yet written.

Allie may be in a spot of trouble in my latest story for the Daily Cabal.

Also, this week we are dropping to three-times-a-week due to our crew not being able to submit enough stories to keep to the daily schedule. If you feel you might be able and interested in writing a flash fiction spec story a month (or two a month...), write me and I'll get you in touch with our fearless leader Rudi.

Story Posted: "Daft Tales"

Posted on 2010.12.31 at 08:19
In my latest story for the Daily Cabal, I subvert fairy tales and mythology.
“I’m going to have to let all of you go. There are elves willing to work cheaper in a sweatshop overseas.”

Story Posted: "Weird Wendy"

Posted on 2010.12.15 at 14:18
How weird was Wendy? Utterly at odds with her world, as shown in my latest story for The Daily Cabal (which has a new server! hooray!)

Story Posted: "Testing Ground"

Posted on 2010.12.04 at 22:06
A family gets some bad news in my latest story for The Daily Cabal.

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