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Purty GIFs

Posted on 2012.07.12 at 02:59
"Born in 1987" is a show at the Photographers' Gallery in London featuring the art of the GIF. They'll be displayed on a big screen, and area also on the website I linked above. By nature limited, this form forces the artists to work small: in time, in the number of colors, and in space. I'll post a couple of the ones that caught my fancy under the cut.

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A Functional Dance

Posted on 2011.06.04 at 22:36
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Not Your Usual Crossover

Posted on 2010.09.13 at 17:42


It's a simple question, really

Posted on 2008.11.20 at 01:09
Why can I not find a vodcast of AMVs?

Bonus question: why am I up past 1am when I'm driving to Portland tomorrow?

The two questions are not entirely unrelated.

I was on hold with the downtown Seattle public library trying to see if there is a central place to mail flyers for Foolscap as there is for the King County Library System (there isn't, but I'm getting a list of who to mail them to). The on hold music was sort of nice, and then an announcement came on that said there was a website where I could see what was being played. Turns out there's even a podcast of the music. Very cool.


Posted on 2008.07.15 at 13:12
The first and best (and eponymous) Muppet Movie came along in 1979 before VCRs were affordable. My friend Bobb worked as a projectionist at the time, so I asked him to record the audio for me directly from the projector. I wound up with two audio cassettes, and even now can recite great swathes of the movie. I've never done this with any other movie; partly through a matter of timing and partly due to my love of this movie.

It was, therefore, a pleasure to hear a recent episode (mp3) of The Muppetcast, a podcast for all things muppetrical. Host Steve Swanson ran almost all the audio from the movie, interspersed with an interview with muppet writer/historian Craig Shemin. I found out where the swamp in the first scene had previously been seen, I learned how they handled some of the special effects, and more.

While we're on the subject of the Muppets, Fongsongs is posting cover songs from all of Jim Henson's projects this week. Also, word is there will be a new Muppet Movie that harks back to the first trilogy.

Jesus with a crew cut

Posted on 2008.04.24 at 11:46
When I first saw the headline of this entry I totally saw Jesus as one of the 3 Stooges! Nyuk nyuk nyuk...

"I never mentioned prunes!"

Posted on 2008.04.18 at 13:11
Old pal Bobb points me to a great commercial featuring Ray Bradbury.